About Us

A warm meal that fills the belly and nourishes the soul.
To provide such meals is the dream of Lizz Lee, founder of Lizz’s Kitchen. It is a concept that has led her to start the elaborate and complicated business of catering home-cooked meals.

Filled with a love for cooking since young, Lizz graduated from University Putra Malaysia with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, had her start in the entertainment industry via Astro Star Quest, and proceeded to become a host on TV, hosting numerous tv programmes including travel and cooking shows. However, her life in entertainment never took away her passion for cooking, honed through her time studying a professional cooking course in an orthodox cooking academy. Whether singing on stage, hosting on TV, organizing a center of early childhood education, or her current job as a radio DJ, none of these roles take away her desire to prepare an array of home cooked meals that warm the heart and fill the belly.

No matter how tiring the day has been, she never fails to rush back home to personally cook a tableful of dishes for her family.
No matter how busy the weekends, she makes sure she goes to her in-laws to prepare a hearty lunch for them.
Family is not the only people she wants to cook for. Slowly and steadily, she wants to cook for her friends in the neighbourhood. Then, to cook for more people who want to eat healthy, traditional home-styled meals.

And finally, to cook for anyone who wants a taste of a warm home-cooked meal. Lizz’s Kitchen was officially established in August 2020. It started as a home-based business in a rented residential unit. Meals had to be pre-booked the previous day. Many did not feel optimistic about this business model at the start, but soon there was a steady increase of long-term patrons. At the same time it led many customers to begin their “Journey of Food”. Customers like the food, but they also wanted variety. Hence Lizz’s Kitchen launched a Set Meal Catering, where one veggie dish, one meat dish, and one tofu/egg dish is provided daily. No menu is provided, and customers get a surprise every time they open their meal box for the day.

As the number of customers increased over the years, the first brick-and-mortar shop was established in August 2022. Customers no longer needed to pre-book their home dishes, and may purchase directly from the shop. The shop also provided the opportunity to set up a more comprehensive central kitchen and facilities. Lizz’s Kitchen continues to uphold its purest of intentions, that is to provide all customers with a healthy meal that has a taste of home.

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